Are You Losing Customers Because Your Small Business Website Isn't Optimized?

Small Business Website Designer - Jesse Boland

The best time to build a kick-butt, search engine optimized small business website is yesterday.

Okay, so that didn't happen, if you own a small business you should start today.

It's frustrating to have a website that doesn't consistantly produce leads and customers for your business.

How much time & money did you spend on a website that gets no traffic from the major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo?

How Many Customers Is Your Website's Lack of Traffic Costing Your Small Business?

The Short Answer: A Lot More Than You Realize

Chico Web Design Tip

If your small business website isn't being found on a regular basis your competitor with an optimized website already has a huge head start.

Every day you wait their lead increases.

To turn the playing field in your favor, small business website must be designed to do two very specific things:

  • Deliver a ton of targeted traffic.
  • Speak to potential customers in a way that convinces them to become real, happy customers for you.

Any Web Designer Can Create a Well-Designed Website... Few Create Websites That Sell

Big companies have huge ad budgets and the ability to lose hundreds of customers with no impact on their bottom line.

As a small business owner you feel every dollar you earn or waste.

How many dollars is your business missing because your website isn't being found? How many more dollars are you missing because your website isn't selling?

If your website isn't attracting a steady stream of targeted traffic then it's not making a profit for you. Your website is a liability to your business.

The problem with most web designers is they don't understand the basic needs & goals of the clients they're working for. As a result, the websites they build might be pretty to look at, but aren't effective tools to convert new customers.

There is a specific design process that makes YOU stand out from your competition & delivers the traffic you need to be succesful

What Would It Mean To Quadruple Your Website's Traffic in the Next 12 Months?

I guarantee to deliver a website that will work for your small business.

No matter what your business is, by following this unique design formula, it can be expanded through effective web development.

Either your small business will harness the power of the Internet, or you should prepare to become obsolete. Harsh words, but true.

Smart business owners are catching on, the Internet is potentially the most powerful marketing tool available.

A well-built website will deliver 100 times the results of a Yellow Pages ad.

I will work closely with you to discover, target and deliver your business solution to the needs of your customers.

Whether you're a Chico landscaper looking to expand your business into more lucrative commercial accounts, an accountant in Durham searching for ways to attract more clients, or a tattoo artist in Orland looking to showcase your work, your business must be presented in a very specific way.

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