Keep It Real: How To Build More Website Traffic

If you have a business online then you're wondering how to build more website traffic.

In many ways small businesses have an advantage over large corporations because they can slice up their market "niche" and increase their web traffic by "owning" one specific topic within a much broader subject.

#1 Tip to Build Web Traffic: Own Your Local Market & Your Global Niche

Build More Website Traffic
Owning Your Niche Is the Best
Way To Increase Your Website's Traffic

If you have a small business serving local customers, by targeting their needs, and providing valuable information, you also serve the needs of an ever broadening global market.

Built right, your small business website can become a global hub which not only serves the people in your location, but also people thousands of miles away.

With thorough research, a solid website blueprint (using keyword analysis tools), and a rigorous plan of action, a small business can attract thousands of "presold" customers every day.

To a small business with (relatively) low overhead (as opposed to bigger, slower corporations), thousands of presold website visitors convert to many presold leads, these leads turn into more customers, more customers with less effort turns into more profit for your small business.

Effective keyword research is vital to a website's success, no matter what your business is:

Success starts with the research you do before you ever start your website.

For example: Even in a tough economy, a general contractor from Chico can own his own small corner of the Internet simply by outlining and giving away the information that makes his business unique. He can build more website traffic simply by outlining and providing before and after pictures of his work.

Through your website's demonstration of knowledge, and ability to explain the topic and questions your visitors have (in this example, general contracting). The search engines reward this type of website, thus, your website traffic increases along with your leads and sales.

You become the expert within your niche and the go-to person in your market. It's win-win for everyone.

For more simple small business ideas check out Judy Stokes' website.

Inside Google's Mindset - Why SEO, As It's Known, is Dead

Many people talk about SEO (search engine optimization) as a method to build more website traffic.

As a small business website designer, I see this as a short term remedy to a long term problem.

Professionally any action meant to "trick" or "game" search engines to rank your site higher without providing value to your website visitors is doomed to fail in the long run.

We build websites that succeed and increase in value over time by compiling evergreen content and information that is pertinent today and tomorrow, no tricks.

This harkens back to our #1 design philosophy, always be honest to your customers and website visitors.

Right now, as a small business owner you have an advantage... but you must move

To build more website traffic you need a good plan, in-depth research, solid design, and quality content.

That's it.

The rest will flesh itself out. Website visitors, regardless of the topic, want to know what you already know. A website breaks up your information into bite-sized chunks which you feed to your pre-customers.

You can become the expert in your chosen niche & dominate your local market, even if your website gets absolutely no traffic now.

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Successful websites build more traffic because they "keep it real" with their visitors. If you run a small business with local customers did you know 90% of those customers come from within a 10 mile radius?

To build more website traffic, you must remember to target those people closest to you first, because this is where the beneficial impact to your business will be felt first. This type of traffic is worth a lot of new customers to you and your business.

Add on the impact of word-of-mouth advertising and you'll begin to see how important a properly built website can become to your small business.

Call us, no matter where you live, or what business you're in, we can get your website to the top of the search engines naturally, build more website traffic, and help you dominate your local market.

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