Facebook Business Pages: Convert Strangers Into Raving Fans

You're probably aware of facebook business pages if you do much research of your competition online.

facebook business pages

Facebook is Google's number one rival for market share and traffic on the internet. Over 150 million people use Facebook everyday, many of them are potential customers for your business.

If you don't have a Facebook page profiling your small local business, you're missing a golden opportunity to convert luke-warm traffic into raving customers.

Use Facebook To Create Responsive, Engaged Fans & Repeat, Loyal Customers

We create business pages that encourage your existing and potential customers to engage and interact. Which, in turn, coverts their friends to become your fans and, ultimately, become new customers.

Are you a Chico tattoo artist who just had a client cancel at the last minute? You could post a "Flaky Client Special" to your Facebook business page offering a 10% discount for the next client who is also a fan of your business. Chances are you'll have someone sitting in your chair in the next 15 minutes.

Done right, Facebook can become a staple of your marketing efforts, creating raving fans and converting their friends into more raving fans.

Why Your Small Business Needs A Facebook Page

Using some very simple facebook marketing rules, you can effectively drive more sales and bring more repeat visitors into your local business.

You must have a clear goals, a distinct message and deliver real benefits to your customers.

We build Facebook pages that communicate your unique small business to your customers, always keeping 7 basic rules in mind.

The first rule of all our designs is simplicity. Simple is powerful, unassuming, and clear. We design keeping these principles in mind.

Does Your Local Small Business Need a Facebook Page?

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"What do you do with the people who join your Facebook business page?" I'm glad you asked. Converting traffic into new customers is the speciality of George Drever at Small Business Database Marketing, we recommend his site for information on mining your small business data to create more win-win relationships with your customers.

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