Why Most Small Business Website Designers Do It Wrong

Your business needs a website. There are lots of small business website designers to choose from.

But if you start researching small business' websites, you'll quickly find a disconnect between companies that simply design websites how much traffic those websites receive.

Any web designer can build a beautiful website. But the question you have to ask is: Is the website going to attract people who will buy my products?

Very few designers build websites that:

  • Attract targeted "local" traffic.
  • Develops and implement an effective lead capture system that brings new and repeat customers into your place of business.
  • Displays the uniqueness and main benefits of your business, the factors that separate you from your competition.

The Thing Most Designers Never Take Into Account Will Cripple Your Website

There are lots of beautiful websites that are dead or dying slow deaths because the get absolutely no traffic.

No traffic means no money, no money means your small business website is an expensive liability to your business.

Most Small Business Website Designers Put the Cart In Front of the Horse

A custom website design can cost you thousands of dollars, win awards for how "user friendly" it is, have a gorgeous layout and the easiest to use shopping cart, but if it has no traffic. . .

. . . all your website is doing is taking up space.

A Web Designer Must Design & Build A Website That Works Specifically For Your Business

If you're a small business owner you know the products you sell, you understand what solutions you provide to your clients. You know your business.

When you hire a web designer, it is their job to ask questions so they can understand what you do and spin that into a clear, informative website that reflects what you do and educate your potential customers.

"But Jesse, my business needs a Facebook Page!"

The Way Your Website Distiguishes Your Uniqueness Will Make or Break Your Small Business Online

"Please buy our company's products."

That's the gist of most small business website designers work. Their websites showcase their clients' business, that's it.

Other than physical location and price there's nothing to separate one Chico accountant from another, one walnut distributer from the next, or a fitness trainer who specializes in rehab for knee injuries and another who specializes in weight loss for recent mothers.

Your website is not a Yellow Pages ad, yet, too often, that's exactly how they're treated.

Your small business will be judged by the quality of the information you give away before beautiful your website looks.

Simple design is key to clear communication.

Web Design Tip

Websites are the ultimate tool to get people to know you, like you, and trust you.

If your website is just a boring chunk of on-line real-estate then you're shooting all of your marketing efforts in the foot.

Smart small business website designers will give your business flexibility and an effective strategy to convert strangers, into customers, customers into raving fans.

Simplicity is the key element of effective website design

Good Web Design Will Multiply All Your Offline Marketing Efforts X 1000

For example, let's say you're an accountant looking to increase your practice by 20% in the next year.

Effective marketing combined with strategic, clean website design will capture more leads and convert those leads into paying customers, quickly and efficiently, with no extra effort on your part.

Your website acts as a funnel, starting with traffic at the top and ending with repeat raving fans of your business at the bottom.

I am a small business website designer who can build a lead generating and follow up machine for your local business.

Is your web design missing the 4 essential elements that will double your website traffic?

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